Our favorite flavors are fun and moveable innovation. We’ve always believed in the power to impress and diversify to create innovation. Verde Pistacchio is a blend of creativity and gamble that is little by little overthrowing traditional gelato. Verde Pistacchio offers a wide range of services and partnerships:


We don’t only offer an high-quality product, but an original signature format and design. Verde Pistacchio is an established brand with a registered industrial design project. It is a fully set up concept ready to be replanted anywhere. Our team will support every potential franchisee in the management of all stages of the project:
the choice of the perfect location;
the machinery needed for the production;
the cost of investment and client service;
the full transmission of the emblematic know-how of our brand.
The three core values of Verde Pistacchio - high-quality in product development, captivating design and flexibility, are ready to be transmitted!


Whether you want to renovate your gelato shop or innovate an existing project, our coaching team will be mentoring you for a period of four weeks, supporting from the interior design and engineering phase, the storage process and the product development, research and quality control. We will build a winning framework for client service and production, sharing our know how and business management practices. At last, we will take care of training local team before the grand opening.


Verde Pistacchio will teach the art of gelato to kids and adults. You’ll be getting your hands dirty and mouth filled with gelato, but also receive fun and easy handouts with recipes to try at home after the class. We also organize cake design labs for the most skilled and artsy ones who want to discover and master the frosting art!

Party set-up e Cake Design

We love to organize one-of-a-kind themed parties with personalized set-ups, layouts, and dream like sweet bites to entertain a whole audience!

On the road

When we are not traveling on our green minivan to fairs and events, we bring the freshness of our gelato directly to your home! Shoot us an email to be surprised by sweet and salty creations thoughtfully designed for the occasion.


Our brand represents our identity and its uniqueness is an essential part of its value. For this reason, the Verde Pistacchio logotype was approved as a licensed community trade mark in 2013, with reference number 012239026. Our green design minivan is has been registered as community design on 11/11/2013, with number 002335992-001.

We believe in knowledge-sharing and building value, together. Get in touch with the team.